Vol.3 2021

Holiday season is upon us, and where will you be travelling?

A month of festivities awaits, and we invite you to start planning your special time away.

Thailand has reopened and is warmly welcoming international travellers while domestically holiday plans are coming together. Japan is cautiously saying youkoso (Welcome. Nice to see you), while Vietnam and Bali are brushing off the welcome mats, ready to use in early 2022.

There are so many places to celebrate the New Year’s arrival.

WINNER - Thailand's Best Vegan-Friendly hotel is…

The celebrities and A-listers were present and glammed up for sure. The stage was stunning, the lights up, cameras rolling, the audience enthusiastically cheering. And so, Thailand’s Plant-Based Oscars Awards Ceremony 2021, organised by Root the Future, came to life. After announcing the various regional awards, it was time for the national awards.

Approaching the microphone, the master of ceremonies asks, “Who will be Thailand’s Best Vegan-Friendly hotel?” After revealing an impressive list of contenders, the MC added, “This year, we received more than 20,000 votes for people’s favorite vegan venues.”

A theatrical pause. The audience is holding their breath and making silent prayers. “And the winner is – Away Chiang Mai Thapae!”

As you can imagine, the Away Chiang Mai Thapae table erupted with applause and whooping. On accepting the award, General Manager James said, “We are incredibly proud to receive this award. We are here to live and deliver a Vegan lifestyle.

Away Chiang Mai Thapae
Away Chiang Mai Thapae

We look forward to welcoming you to our oasis of calm in the city centre very soon.” Joyous screams and the popping of champagne followed with partying into the night. 

And so, you have yet another reason to visit Chiang Mai. Yes, come stay at the award-winning Vegan Resort – Away Chiang Mai Thapae.

'Cross' finding a Bangkok 'Test & Go' hotel off your list - We have you covered

Since 1 November 2021, fully vaccinated international visitors can enter Thailand quarantine free under the new ‘Test & Go’ program.  You need to successfully apply for a Thailand Pass and spend your first 24 hours in an SHA Plus hotel while awaiting your on-arrival RT-PCR COVID-19 test results.

Our stylish Cross Vibe Bangkok Sukhumvit is now qualified for SHA Plus and has an enticing Test & Go Package for your first 24 hours stay. It includes a one-way airport transfer to the hotel, one time RT-PCR screening test and your three delectable included meals.

Test & Go

And better still, if continuing your stay in Bangkok. The Cross Vibe Bangkok Sukhumvit is ideally located in the On Nut residential area while offering ease of connection to all the city’s sites and attractions thanks to the Sukhumvit Sky Train line. All of Bangkok’s vibrant entertainments, fantastic food and shopping are right on your doorstep.

Test & Go
Test & Go

Take advantage of our special ‘Test & Go’ Package, and then make Cross Vibe Bangkok Sukhumvit your base while exploring the ‘City of Angels.’ 

Ohayō or Good Morning from "The Hawaii of Japan" and our newest resort - Away Okinawa Kouri Island Resort

Subtropical Okinawa is Japan’s southernmost and westernmost prefecture and is undoubtedly the nation’s most popular resort islands. Kouri Island, known by Okinawans as “Love Island” thanks to its two distinctive heart-shaped rocks and a historic local legend similar to the tale of Adam and Eve, is where you will find Away Okinawa Kouri Island Resort.

Opened in July 2021, Away Okinawa Kouri Island Resort boasts 38 spacious boutique-style suites. All are designed with the concept of encouraging visitors to truly ‘get away’ and enjoy a slower pace of life in the resort’s natural surroundings. Enjoying a hillside location overlooking an idyllic white sand beach, you can choose from three room types, all equipped with kitchenettes, eco-friendly bathtubs and balconies. Ocean View Suites offer incredible vistas. Gaze into the universe in a Star View Suite featuring an in-room telescope. The deluxe Villa Suite, located in a separate building with a small garden for extra privacy and tropical seclusion, also has its own convenient car parking

Kouri Island is two hours north of Okinawa’s capital Naha. Surrounded by dreamy emerald-green seas, it is home to picturesque beaches and is well known for snorkelling and swimming in the summer. Admire the azure waters of the South China Sea while traversing the 2 km bridge linking Kouri to Okinawa island. It’s all part of the overall experience. 

Away Okinawa Kouri Island Resort
Away Okinawa Kouri Island Resort

Overlooking the iconic Kouri Bridge, the resort’s outdoor pool is the perfect place to cool off in style. After your swim, relax in a deck chair, cocktail in hand, or stretch out on a comfortable sofa in the shade. Our in-house restaurant serves innovative Italian cuisine made with local ingredients for a delicious selection of beautiful, healthy, and nutritious meals.

Choose Away Okinawa Kouri Island Resort when you need to “Escape Everyday Life”.

Bubbly Breakfast Round the Clock - At all Cross hotels

Sleep in, take a swim, relax. You are on holiday, so there is no need to rush to a breakfast buffet. Indeed, the need for breakfast can strike at any time, and at all Cross hotels, that’s okay because we’ve got you covered. Round the Clock Breakfast means whenever you need breakfast sustenance, we’ll get it for you. And why not add bubbles to really spoil yourself. 

Cross Pattaya Pratamnak
Cross Chiang Mai Riverside

You set the agenda when living a CROSS lifestyle.

LINE us up, and let's be friends

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Transitioning from fast to slow – Slow Fashion – what is it?

Cross Hotels & Resorts has sustainability and eco-caring as a part of our ethos. By building a network of sustainable eco-systems in our properties, we can lessen our social impact while reaping the benefits of an enhanced bond with nature and people. We aim to be guardians of the environment and communities wherever our hotels and resorts are.

Therefore, essential and highly relevant practices like ‘slow fashion’ fit into this community approach. But, what is ‘slow fashion?’

slow fashion

Slow Fashion is an approach to producing clothing that takes into consideration all aspects of the supply chain and, in doing so, aims to respect people, the environment, and animals. It also means spending more time on the design process, ensuring that each piece of apparel is quality made. Fast Fashion retailers have taught us that more is better, thereby creating a colossal consumption issue. The fast fashion industry is driving down quality, exploiting the environment and their workers to develop cheap garments that do not last. 

Slow fashion is the exact opposite of this. It’s about creating mindful, curated collections based on quality finishes versus pumping out large quantities of seasonal and trendy clothing. Slow fashion involves local artisans and the use of eco-friendly materials, intending to preserve crafts and the environment and, ultimately, provide value to both consumers and producers.

Slow fashion asks us, as consumers, to stop treating our clothes as disposable and make an effort to repair, upcycle, pass along, or responsibly dispose of them when they no longer serve us. Slow fashion has seen increasing support in the last few years as consumers demand higher sustainability and ethical standards. As awareness and popularity increase, the planet and its inhabitants are set to benefit from this slower and more considered approach to fashion.

Hello Pratamnak – welcome to the family!

Opening in February 2022 is Cross Pattaya Pratamnak, and this brand new resort will set the benchmark of luxury lifestyle in the exclusive destination of Pratamnak in Pattaya.

Sitting majestically on a strategic headland overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, the all-new Cross Pattaya Pratamnak features 78 well-appointed guest rooms and suites, all with balconies overlooking the resort sized saltwater swimming pool. Cloud Club is a fully-equipped fitness centre. Moon Spa offers tranquillity with a selection of treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Cross Pattaya Pratamnak

The Beach House provides private access to the beach, delicious meals, and an ideal location for lazy afternoons, gorgeous sunsets with your favourite cocktail. Coral Restaurant is our all-day diner that showcases both international favourites and local flavours in a relaxed setting. Coco Deli is the place for quick snacks and refreshments.

Cross Pattaya Pratamnak
Cross Pattaya Pratamnak

Cross Pattaya Pratamnak offers pure comfort for those seeking relaxation – along with plenty of activities both in and around the hotel. Leisure and luxury. Sunsets and sea views. Pattaya like never before.

From early 2022 you will have three Cross Hotels & Resorts to choose from in the greater Pattaya region – Cross Vibe Pattaya Seaphere, Cross Pattaya Oceanphere, and our newest family member Cross Pattaya Pratamnak. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Special opening offer! Starting at THB 3,999, this package includes perks such as a hotel credit, afternoon tea, and a room upgrade. This special promotion will only be available on the 15th of December 2021 onward through the Cross LINE Official Account!

#CrossContentContributor : HOTEL HOPPER

Huddled on the serene banks of Ping River, Cross Chiang Mai Riverside

Original Source: HOTEL HOPPER

An impressive contemporary architecture with a distinct character that blends modern elements with traditional Lanna style. Chiang Mai is renowned for their momentous art and design. It’s time to explore the streets of Chiang Mai with HOTEL HOPPER because who doesn’t fall in love with this city?

Among the elements of nature along the Ping River, surrounded by trees and hundred-year-old tamarind trees, the hotel was formed under the concept of keeping the surroundings as authentic as possible and also conveying the charm of architecture that reflects the city of Chiang Mai, through the use of materials like Mon Bricks inspired by Tha Phae Gate to design the large wall at the entrance as well as the walls of the building. Combining the design of the hallway, door and window with geometric shapes which creates a dimension of light and shadow when natural light shines through, flourishing an enchanting atmosphere.

Cross Chiang Mai Riverside
Cross Chiang Mai Riverside
Not only is the design elegant in general but that extends to the interior design of the appealing lobby with a wide space, minimal furniture and the ceiling inspired by Wat Umong. Combining a wide brick wall letting on natural light to pass, perforated along the clear glass allowing visitors to see the “Courtyard” inviting guests to want to step out and feel the lush garden. The tranquil courtyard was built with seamless brown-colored solid bricks which surrounds the whole garden and if you notice, the brick walls hold square and rectangular holes to give it a more stylish look to it or in other words: simple but with an edge to it.
Cross Chiang Mai Riverside
The Pool Suite is definitely the room to choose, offering space and a private pool with ample space outdoor sunbeds and a separate lounge area. But if you’re one for views, we recommend the River View Suite which features stunning views from its spacious private balcony with outdoor sunbeds, artsy décor and deluxe furnishings.
Another unique point here is their Oxygen Dining Room, a glass house by the Ping River offering refreshing cocktails and dishes. Having won the Michelin Plate Award 2020, the restaurant serves a range of Innovative Cuisine. Not only is there a restaurant but there’s also a Tea Lounge, a rooftop designed swimming pool and more. Perfect for a mind-resting vacation within a space especially designed for people who adore travelling. If you’re up for some exploring, click here to get into the mood!


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